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Alfred Angelo Files For Bankruptcy Leaving Brides Without Their Wedding Gowns

There are roughly 2 million weddings being planned this year in the United States and the attire for brides and bridesmaids is one of the biggest considerations during the planning process. So when a nationwide bridal retailer and manufacturer disappears without notice it is going to affect a lot of people. It was shocking news to thousands, on Thursday, when Alfred Angelo suddenly announced to their employees that the company was dissolved and they were no longer employed.

According to their website, Alfred Angelo had 60 retail stores across the country. Today they all closed their doors, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Alfred Angelo dresses could also be purchased and ordered at over 1,400 retailers across the country. Exactly how many open orders for wedding gowns, flower girl, bridesmaid dresses will go unfilled remains unclear. There are no longer any employees to finish producing them or to ship the ones that have been produced. There is no one working in accounting to refund your money and no one there to answer the countless phone calls and emails from panicked brides. The company has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy so all claims will be handled in court. Eventually. As for now customers (both brides and retailers) need to begin focusing on plan B.

While brides will be the most obviously panicked, distraught and scrambling, it is retailers that will take even harder hits. 1,400 small businesses across the country will be forced to make the choice to either take the hit to their bottom line by refunding customers for dresses that will not be received or lose valuable business from those brides and everyone they know.  There is a good chance this will put some of those businesses under and leave others struggling to make up the loss for several months. Not only are they needing to unload inventory, they may or may not be able to find replacement dresses for disappointed and angry brides. Retailers will also need to fill now empty space on their racks with dresses from new designers, which means the purchase of expensive new inventory.

This may prove positive for other designers in the bridal industry ready to step in and fill the gap left by one of the largest wedding apparel manufacturers for the past 80 years. A side effect, however, may mean even longer production times on your bridal gowns and evening wear as companies see a huge influx of last minute rush orders to replace the ones that have been lost. Currently, wedding gown production takes approximately 4-8 months but expect to see that timeframe increase over the next year. The ripple effect from this failed business will definitely have a much bigger impact than a few stressed brides

The ripple effect from this failed business will definitely have a much bigger impact than a few stressed brides. If you are one of the many brides affected, there will probably be a few tears (or screams) and that is very understandable. Take a moment to remember that a new dress will be found and your special day will not be ruined. There are many others much more negatively impacted by the loss of jobs and income.

Jordyn Woods and Addition Elle Team Up For Jordyn’s Love & Legend

Jordyn Woods and Addition Elle have teamed up to make a fashion line.

The line will be called Jordyn’s Love & Legend.

It will feature 15 pieces, apparently focusing on denim, with sizes ranging from 12-26.

Retail prices start at $42 and will go up to $178, depending on the item.

Plans are for the line to fully debut in September at Addition Elle’s New York Fashion Week Show and then become immediately available afterward.

Amber Rose Announces 3 New Lipstick Shades

Amber Rose has announced three new lipstick shades.

They are part of her MUVA Mouth Matte Liquid Lipstick collection with Flirt! Cosmetics.

While the rest have been rich reds, the three new ones are subtle natural tones.

The three new shades are called Bad Bitch, Rebel, and Scalawag.

Rose did not say when they’ll be available.

They’ll each be available for $18 via Flirt! sometime soon.

Kylie Cosmetics Having BOGO Sale

Kylie Cosmetics is currently having a buy one get one sale.

It began Friday morning and goes through Monday morning, or until things sell out.

The sale has specific items that you can use for the “buy one” part of the sale and another list of specific items that are eligible for the “get one” part.

Target Announces 4 New Clothing Lines

Target has announced four new clothing lines.

All four will be coming out this fall.

A New Day is a women’s line that is meant to be mixed and matched to each individual’s taste.

Project 62 is described as a “chic home offering”.

Both of those will be debuting in September.

For activewear, Target will be offering JoyLab, which is described as “fitness meets fashion and function”.

Goodfellow & Co. is a line of modern men’s clothing and accessories.

Those two will begin appearing in October.

Kylie Cosmetics Restocks Vacation Edition

Kylie Cosmetics has restocked their Vacation Edition line.

The line was initially released on June 15 and sold out within hours.

It was restocked Thursday afternoon and some items are sold out again.

However, about half of the line is still available, for now.

Rebel Wilson Launches X Angels

Rebel Wilson has launched her own fashion line X Angels.

The line will feature clothing for plus sized women, with sizes 14-24.

It will be sold at Addition Elle, Dia&Co, Dillard’s, Hudson Bay, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, and online beginning in July.

After it’s debut, new looks and styles will be added every six weeks.