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Get on Fleek Jumps on The Male Romper Bandwagon

Male rompers appear to be here for a while, as another company has begun producing them.

Get on Fleek is introducing their own line of them.

Their line includes 96 male rompers, each with a different pattern.

For now, these fashion crimes are available for the pre-order sale at $79.99 a piece.

After that, they’ll all go up to $99.99.

Rihanna Shows a Bit Too Much Off in Miami

Rihanna is currently in Miami, shooting for DJ Khaled’s upcoming music video.

For it, she can be seen in something that looks like it might have escaped from Pirates of The Caribbean.

The colors were fantastic, but that wasn’t the issue.

Even the one piece boot pants were forgivable, despite her being seen stumbling a bit in them.

However, it seems RiRi didn’t notice that the top was completely see-through and she wasn’t wearing a thing under it.

In the future, she might want to remember to at least put some nipple covers on underneath any see through shirts.

Eva Green Wears Atrociously Haphazard Alexander McQueen Dress to Cannes

On Sunday, for the last day of Cannes, Eva Green wore something simply atrocious.

The actress appeared on the red carpet in a dress from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

The black and silver dress appeared from some angles to be made haphazardly of tin foil that someone had used a black sharpie on.

It came complete with silver tinsel cuffs and a right side that looked forgotten, with the neckline being possibly the most awkward thing of it all.

Amazingly, despite the horrific outfit, Eva herself looked gorgeous if at times completely unhappy.

We’re sure the outfit was the reason for her bad mood.

16 Worst Dressed at Billboard Music Awards

There were some major fashion failures at Sunday night’s 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

We’ve compiled 16 of the worst for you, and added some commentary to get you through them.

Y/Project Denim Line Among The Worst Ideas Out There

There are many questionable fashion designs.

Luckily, most of them don’t make it past the runway, or if they do then not past the red carpets.

However, Y/Project‘s detachable denim line for women is proof that ridiculous designs do sometimes make it into production and go up for sale to the public.

Their Garters Straps Jeans come at a price of $505. Described as “a deconstructed style with adjustable denim straps held together by a series of silver-tone O-rings along the front and back. Buttons fasten down the front allowing for the wearer to adjust to their liking.”

They do slightly bear the resemblance of denim garters. This being a good thing is highly doubtful.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Y/Project’s Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans only cost $425 for light blue or $460 for black. They’re described as “a straight-leg silhouette with slim-fitting, detachable shorts that feature high-rise cutouts along the front, held together with button tabs along the front and back.”

Basically, they’re chaps for French city slickers. They might not be as bad if they were made with zippers instead of button tabs, as then the whole would actually come together when attached. The gaps between the legs and shorts are definitely the worst part of this look.

Anyone who is seen in public, wearing either of these, totally deserves whatever mocking comes their way, and probably more considering the price they paid to look stupid.